Pastor Dan Cummings
"The Word of God for the People of God"

Braveheart Messages

 Date Title  
07 JAN 2002 When Bravehearts Go to War - The War Against Adultery - Part 1 Download
02 DEC 2002 Humanity's Radical Corruption Download 
06 JAN 2003 Unconditional Election - God's Sovereign Choice Download
05 MAY 2003 The Chief End of Calvinism Download
01 MAR 2004 Telling the Truth - Christian Apologetics in a New Dark Age Download
07 MAR 2005 A Grace-Entranced Life: A Challenge to the Postmodern Shaping of Gospel Witness Download
02 MAY 2005 The Fall From Grace-Whatever Happened to the Reformation Download
07 SEP 2005 Oh The We Might Never Loiter On Our Heavenly Journey Download
06 FEB 2006 Bravehearts Download
04 DEC 2006 When a Man Contemplates a God Entranced Legacy Download
08 JAN 2007 Bravehearts Download




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